Project Manager Certification

Engineering project management can be a fulfilling and interesting career. This line of works involves planning, coordinating and directing engineering and architectural projects. A project manager that specializes in the field of engineering may also do research and development. A project manager may work in an office, industrial plant, laboratory or construction site. The average pay for a person in this line of work is nearly $120,000 per year. However, this is not to say that every project Read more [...]

Welding Schools

For many young people leaving school today, a career as a welder looks like an increasingly attractive option. The growth in building and engineering projects during the past decade has uncovered a country-wide shortage of certified welders, and this means anyone undertaking this training is virtually guaranteed permanent employment. If your interests and abilities lie in this direction, it is a good idea while you are still in school to start looking at the different types of welding schools available. Before Read more [...]

Welding Schools In California

Many industries depend on the skills of an experienced welder to complete products and services. The auto industry, construction businesses, metal fabrication shops, oil refineries, and the assembly of a variety of vehicles like planes, ships, and space shuttles each depend on the skills of a welder. Individuals who obtain a welding school education can learn the skills necessary to succeed in a variety of exciting careers. There are several welding schools in California that can provide you with Read more [...]

Underwater Welding Jobs

Underwater welding is a richly rewarding career that offers many lucrative opportunities for those that are prepared to take the necessary steps. Global industry is currently experiencing a demand for qualified underwater welders for a large assortment of applications in fields ranging from shipping and pleasure marine craft production, construction, repair and maintenance, and custom fabrication. The demand, coupled with other factors, increases the expected salary for an under water welder with Read more [...]